Global Humanity New Earth Declaration

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Global Humanity New Earth Declaration

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An Abundant New Earth… It’s our time to thrive!

The Shift to Unity Consciousness

The biggest story of the millennium is the reality that millions are waking up to the realization that all life is irrevocably interconnected as the One. A New Earth is being born. Discovering the meaning and purpose of your life is the heart and soul of becoming the person who would inspire you the most.

Sustainability the New Golden Rule

In the New Leadership Blueprint, sustainability becomes the New Golden Rule that redefines morality, values, the way we care for one another and the planet. Coming together, we create healthy communities, locally and globally, to do what we can’t do alone so that good trickles up.

Universal Equality & Opportunity

Joining hands in a way that has been all but forgotten, darkness turns to light. Fear becomes love. Cooperation transmutes competition so that lack becomes abundance. In service to one another, we transcend inequality for a life filled with unlimited potential and reward. It’s your time to thrive!

Global Humanity New Earth Declaration

We are the peoples of Planet Earth. We recognize the interconnectivity of all Creation as a unified field.

We honor individual inborn freedoms, rights, and sovereignty, affirming the inherent equality of all beings.

We believe every individual is vital and has purpose. We support cultural and geographic diversity as necessary within a peaceful global community.

We believe renewable natural resources to be Earth’s blueprint for sustainability and our own. Therefore, we mirror natural design, utilizing all resources for benevolent purposes.

To collectively thrive, we co-create through dynamic heart-centered collaboration as a basis for an abundant New Earth.

Global Humanity New Earth Declaration

Human Rights

United as One, we consciously prioritize cooperative access to essential shelter, food, water, healthcare, and education as human rights.


An abundant New Earth. It’s our time to thrive.

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Global Humanity Bill of Rights
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